Lien Pham pre-fall 2016

Lien Pham pre-fall 2016 is a transparent, nude-toned tulle garment featuring cyanotype printing on silk on its pockets, and embellished with embroidery threads. 

fashion design | campaign design | photography



Tulle photo credit: Bodikian Textiles


The nude-toned tulle used in this garment is most beautiful when hit with a direct light. A golden light, for example, when shone directly on the fabric will create a gorgeous sheen. The golden sheen and the lightness of the material inspire the shoot of this campaign to take place right before, and during the golden hour. 

Cyanotype printing on silk - the technique employed in this design - and its cyan hue supports the idea of using natural light and the blue sky of the golden hour in autumn. 

The tulle fabric also inspired a modification of the Lien Pham logo, placing the two overlapped "Lien"s on top of a "patch" of "nude-toned tulle".