Lien Pham: Brand Identity Design

Project Week is a 10-days opportunity for students to design and execute an independent project of their own, with the help of a sponsor - this is The Putney School's alternative to traditional final exams. 

In 11th grade, the school's in-house designer accepted my proposal to sponsor my project week of learning Graphic Design; at this point, I  have had no prior experience in the field. As I was passionate about fashion, and was working with fiber arts, I wanted the final product of this project to be a brand identity for my imaginary independent fashion brand. 

Lien Pham - What's in a brand? 

Lien Pham is an independent contemporary fashion brand, offering premium ready-to-wear womenswear designed by Lien Pham. Aiming to provide the city women whimsical and contemporary statement pieces to complement their usually minimalist closet, Lien Pham is creative and experimental. 

Thus, the brand identity must reflect an experimental kind of whimsical beauty, that is still contemporary and refined. 



The logo is formed by two "Lien" words reflected and overlapped. 

Whimsical, dreamy, chic


CoatLookbook bleed22.jpg

Lien Pham - the first design

Campaign for the first design of Lien Pham - a jacket made with hand-dyed and hand-woven alpaca wool.