HVIET Summer Program 2017

HVIET is a 10-day overnight liberal arts summer program founded in 2016
by Harvard students for Vietnamese high school students. The program aims to foster academic and
personal growth through content modeled after Harvard classes.

In 2017, HVIET Summer Program's directors decided to change its logo, 
and tasked the Design Team with creating a bolder and more dynamic brand identity for the program.

Co Design Chairs: Lien Pham, Huy Tran

_MG_6282 copy.jpg

Bold, youthful, and dynamic
are some of the keywords that the HVIET brand identity must reflect.


At the same time, the HVIET brand identity must look clean and professional, to reflect the high-caliber characteristic of the program.

demo certificate.jpg

HVIET's Facebook posts are designed to be more attention-grabbing, creative, and exciting.

These marketing Facebook posts are meant to create students' anticipation for the seminars.